Tambaram Station UTS QR code

Hey, there are you Looking for the Tambaram UTS QR code? If yes then you are in the right place, in this article we will provide you with the Tambaram Station QR Code. With the help of this, you can easily Book your Ticket from Tambaram without dealing with a long queue.

Tambaram Station Code

The station code for Tambaram railway station is “TBM“. It is located in the southern suburbs of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

The STD code for Tambaram and the surrounding areas in Chennai is 044. So, to call Tambaram from within India, you would dial 044 followed by the local phone number. If you are calling from outside India, you would need to dial the country code for India (+91), followed by the STD code (044) and the local phone number.

Tambaram Station Pincode

The pincode (postal code) for Tambaram is 600045.

Tambaram UTS QR code

tambaram uts qr code

With the help of the Above Tambaram Station UTS QR Code, You can book your ticket from Tambaram Station without any Problems.

Tambaram Railway Enquiry Number

The railway inquiry number for Tambaram railway station in Chennai, India is 139. This is a 24×7 helpline number provided by Indian Railways for general inquiries about train timings, reservations, cancellations, and other railway-related services.

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