Howrah Station UTS Qr Code – Howrah Station QR Code 2023

Hey there, are you Looking for a Howrah Station Qr code? If yes then you are in the right place in this article we will see Howrah Station UTS Qr Code. With the help of this Howrah Station UTS QR Code, You can Book Your Train Ticket Online Near Railway Track.

Howrah Station Code

Howrah Station Code is HWH. Howrah Station is one of the busiest railway stations in India and is located in the city of Howrah, in the Indian state of West Bengal.

The STD code for Howrah Station is 033. The STD code is used for making phone calls to Howrah Station from within India, and you would need to dial this code followed by the phone number to make a call to the station.

Howrah Station to Shalimar Station Distance

The distance between Howrah Station and Shalimar Station in Kolkata, West Bengal, India is approximately 5.3 kilometers (3.1 miles) if you take the shortest road route. It may take around 15-20 minutes to travel between the two stations by car or taxi, depending on the traffic conditions. It will take Approx. 1 hr 5 min by Walking.

Howrah Station QR Code

Here is the UTS QR Code for Howrah Station, You can Book Your Ticket by Scanning the below code with your UTS App.

Howrah Station UTS Qr Code
HOWRAH Station QR Code

With the help of the Above HOWRAH Station UTS QR Code, You can book your ticket from HOWRAH Station without any Problems.

Howrah Jn Railway Station Detail

Howrah Station in Kolkata, West Bengal, India has a large number of platforms, with a total of 23 platforms. The station is one of the busiest railway stations in India and is a major transportation hub, connecting Kolkata with various parts of the country.

Regarding the train timings, the first train from Howrah Station is the HWH GAYA EXPRESS which departs at 19:50 hours (7:50 PM) and the last train is the CHENNAI MAIL which departs at 23:55 hours (11:55 PM). These timings are subject to change, and checking the latest schedule is always advisable before planning your journey.

Howrah Station Enquiry Number

The inquiry number for Howrah Station in Kolkata, West Bengal, India is 139. This is a 24×7 helpline number provided by Indian Railways for general enquiries about train timings, reservations, cancellations, and other railway-related services.

You can call this number from any mobile or landline phone in India and speak to a customer care executive who will assist you with your queries.

Howrah Station Map

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